Whaddup skrilla – I’m Alexis and I love all things electronic, synthy, acoustic, baroque, bass-heavy, and bouncin’ like yo ass got the hiccups. While I also like music that doesn’t fall into these categories, the vast majority of what I like could be described by the titles of some of my all-time favorite albums: Bright Like Neon Love, Slanted & Enchanted, Dark Was the Night, Set Yourself on Fire, etc. Basically I like any song that feels a little bit like magic, summer, love. In a nutshell: music that feels like summer camp. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect songs to drive to, sing in the shower, or listen to drifting off to sleep, and as soon as I find that new-new, I’ll be posting it on the best day of the week — Hump Day !! So even if you aren’t doing any humpin’, you’ll have some sweet, starry-eyed tunes to get you through the week.

Aside from being a full-time dork, I’m a painter and I’m in it for life. I also love photography, movies, animals, and anything outdoors. Most likely I’ll be sneaking in some art/design stuff into my posts, and if you want to see what I’m doing over the summer (in western NY) check me out on

Savor the sounds and feel the love!


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