Mark of the High Mountains

My name is Mark but yall will come to know me simply as Boone.  Why Boone?  Well its where I happen to hail from and also has one syllable so it is pretty easy to say.  Boone is a small mountain town located in western North Carolina and more importantly the lower Appalachian Mountains.  Something yall will come to know about me is that I pride myself on being connected to my roots and always remembering who my friends are, where I’m from, and what I come from.  Where I come from we like to mingle the line between friends and family and always focus on having a great time.  Therefore, my music will mainly focus on these feel good tunes that will inspire you to climb up a mountain peak, sit by a campfire, jump off cliffs into a swimming hole back in the woods, or to simply take time to relax and gaze up into the sky (personally I am partial to the Carolina stars ).  What music does that?  Well I believe it is the basic singer/songwriter tunes, sometimes country sometimes not, or the sweet melodies of a folk song and while this is where my heart lies do not be surprised to see me delve into the realm of indie rock which seem to turn the clock back to a different time in music.  Anyways that’s all for now folks and I sure hope that yall enjoy the music that will be a coming your way.

Oh Carolina you keep callin’ me home


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