Dinon Clark from the Streets

Heyyo, X here. I shall be bringing you all my durty beats to kick off your Thursty Thursdays. My taste incorporates a healthy balance of genres, but really I settle with anything that makes me want to blow out some speakers and crank up the subwoofer. It’s all about the build up, or else I get bored very quickly. I’m always on a mission to find a new mashup better than the original, but you’ll definitely be hearing some oldies” from me– including some from the 90’s and potentially a sweet 80’s jam or two. I also cry every time I hear the Phantom soundtrack… can’t help it. I’ve  been playing classical music for the past decade. No worries, I won’t be posting anything in that category here. Moral of the story? I’ll be putting any song that I find exceptional in the musicality category. I’m all about the funky beats and chords that somehow still work. For whatever reason, I hear a lot of Spanish tunes, so don’t be surprised if I throw in a little latin flavor or even French discotheque musique. We all know they know how to club way better than us across the pond. Lastly, I shall be posting up songs for what I like to call a Grey’s mood.

In case you’re curious, I’m also a sophomore at Princeton, studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Materials Science. Joke? I wish. I just keep it up for the reactions I get when people ask.

THETA LΘVE and shout out to the 703! To quote the source of my waterworks, LET THE MUSIC SET YOU FREE my friends! enjoy.


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