Greetings, civilians. Today’s post is dedicated to the one and only Tucker Johns, also known by many as the pop culture guru. Move over, Perez. Tucker, one of my best friends (and whom I’ve been in a complicated Facebook relationship for years), recently turned me on to one of his UK obsessions – Alexandra Burke … Continue reading

Music for the Weather

DC has the most bipolar weather in the U.S. of A. First, the 1800’s-record-breaking snowstorm, then another snowstorm, and now we seemed to have missed Spring entirely and gone straight to a week of 100-102 degree temperatures. My favorite part of the summer is the routine I fall into, which includes a morning run. However, … Continue reading

Sizzlin’ SaturDRIZZAY

Considering this is my first post with 7Day Music Civilian, I figure NOT ONLY do I have to start off with an EPIC BANG, BUT I ALSO gotta catch a few of you amateurs up to pace. So for you vets out there, bear with me, some of these beats aren’t brand spankin new… but … Continue reading