Saturday Shmaturday

Story time: this week was my first week of organic chemistry. My summer is non-existent. BUT, no worries, I stayed on my grind–my music was pretty much the only thing that got me through the week–so there’s defffinnitttellyy no shortage of jamzizzies . Highlights: . Ugh, the dreaded NBA Championship… There were a lot of … Continue reading

Front Seat, Windows Down

I’ve done a lot of soul searching as to what I should write my first blog on, and decided today I’m going to give you all the skinny of my “I Feel Cool While Driving” Playlist: Stories Included. I don’t know about yoos guys, but I find driving therapeutic-specifically because it’s the only place where … Continue reading

Sizzlin’ SaturDRIZZAY

Considering this is my first post with 7Day Music Civilian, I figure NOT ONLY do I have to start off with an EPIC BANG, BUT I ALSO gotta catch a few of you amateurs up to pace. So for you vets out there, bear with me, some of these beats aren’t brand spankin new… but … Continue reading