Gimme a Break

Sorry y’all, takin a break this week! . Advertisements

Return of the Jedis

Or is the plural Jedii? The Wookieepedia definition was unclear… Apologies for my absence last week! Hopefully this shall make up for it. I’m going to be giving you all some new songs that in my mind mark the artist’s “return” to the spotlight. And by spotlight, I mean my ipod. *click the arrow on … Continue reading

Don’t Say Whale

Whuddup civilians! My name is Austin and I will be your blogger today. Cara wasn’t feeling her usual singer/songwriter jams this week so I’ve come in to get you guys hip to this new Wale mixtape, More About Nothing. A couple years back, before he really got mainstream, Wale, a DC native as I’m sure … Continue reading

Everyone’s After Something…

For those of you who are living in a hole and haven’t heard this yet, T.I. and my boy<3 Chris Brown (not to mention hotties Paul Walker and Hayden Christensen) are coming out in this movie called Takers, coming out 8/27/10. Check out the trailer if you haven’t already seen it: . . In a … Continue reading

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife

Alas Civilians, Today I Leave With These Words Of Encouragement

School of Rock

So this past week I have been really only listening to two bands for some bizarre reason.  I do not know why but there sound at this point has just completely captured me.  Neither band is brand new to me either but I suppose it is just one of those phases.  Anyways, that is where … Continue reading


Firstly, I hope everyone is celebrating Shark Week. It happens once a year. Get pumped. Secondly, sorry for not posting last week, I’m sure you all really, really missed me. I was busy celebrating an open house with a week of debauchery and ultimate bro-tasticness while my parents were lobstering in the Keys, so this … Continue reading

Not Another Dance Movie… YES ANOTHER DANCE MOVIE!

In case you missed it: Here are some jams I posted a while ago that should definitely not be overlooked! If you missed them the first time, here’s your chance! Trey Songz, Ester Dean, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown- “Drop it Low (remix)” Tinie Tempah ft. Snoop Dogg- “Pass out (remix)” . STEP UP 3D IS … Continue reading

Level 3 NSA Clearance

Alas Civilians, please excuse my absence last week. An old friend from back in my hacking days approached me about a con involving the NSA, Goldman Sachs, and a smuggling ring of artillery and automatic weaponry getting into the county by way of Canada. We ran into some complications last Friday (trying to get a Level 3 … Continue reading