Well hello there! Im DJ Zesty. Yes I’m Zesty. People always ask me why Zesty? Well not only does it rhyme with my name, it perfectly describes who I am and my music. The dictionary definition of Zesty is: energetic; active, full of zest. Now you may be asking yourselves. What does Zest mean? The dictionary definition of Zest is: liveliness or energy; animating spirit. So you may have heard party music, and maybe even rager music, but every Friday, your ears will be melted with zesty music. From the ear drum shattering beats of The Girls Can Hear Us, to the harmonious vocals of Napalm, if its Zesty  you will hear it here first.

In other news, I’m a sophomore at Princeton University, Economics will be the death of me. I’m also pursing a minor in Party and Bullshit. Rep the 908 and 919 all day, everyday. An aspiring DJ and certified janky promoter, started a mashup group called the MashMaticians in 2010. Check us out at

Melting Ears Since 1492

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