Drive It Like It’s NBD

Everyone loves a club banger, but sometimes you need something that doesn’t try so hard. Sometimes you need a song with a little more groove to ease you out of those last summer days and have you rollin’ on to campus like your life is a party and the party doesn’t stop with the car. … Continue reading

Lights, Camera, Salvation

Haha sometimes you can find the best songs from somewhere you really wouldn’t expect, or at least not like to admit that you’d expect them to come from there. Case in point: Gossip Girl. They actually have really good music all the time. So as I was doing a little *cough* marathoning of GG  and … Continue reading

Baby Steps

YO EXCUSE ME, LEXI’S BACK Now that I made that big introduction, you’re going to be disappointed because I’m only posting two tracks that I just now found, but it’s going to take baby steps for me to get back into it (!!!). After being gone from normal civilization for 7 weeks, and then heading … Continue reading

!..?.. . .

Apologies for last week — I have been going a little crazy up here away from the internet, CVS,  and mama’s home cooking. So crazy that I’ve gone WILD!!! and have found myself listening to a lot of animal-named music. I’ve also been painting a lot of emus, so go figure. I think what makes … Continue reading

Way Aways

HI I am at my art program/camp/thing so I have been really busy with drawing and meeting new people and listening to people talk about art. It’s weird, I feel like I’m writing in a diary right now, and that whoever is reading this is like a connection to the outside world or something but … Continue reading

Party; Get Loose.

HOLD THE PRESS – cudi fresh I had written this post early because I need to pack and get ready to leave. HOWEVER! I have just come across Kid Cudi’s new song Rev of Ev that was just released on his blog 6 days ago. It’s off of his new album Man on the Moon … Continue reading

For the Sunshine of Your Mind

Hey everyone! I feel like it’s actually taken forever to get from Saturday to Wednesday, but it’s been great. For my first post, I’m really excited to bring you some songs of the psychedelic- and garage-rock persuasion. Plus this random Kanye song that I think is great for summer. All these songs are just so … Continue reading