Firstly, I hope everyone is celebrating Shark Week. It happens once a year. Get pumped. Secondly, sorry for not posting last week, I’m sure you all really, really missed me. I was busy celebrating an open house with a week of debauchery and ultimate bro-tasticness while my parents were lobstering in the Keys, so this … Continue reading

What the folk?

I am bingeing on folk rock right now, or what Lester calls “white people shit”. There’s really not much to say about folk music, it’s just a man, a guitar, a plan, Panama. And sometimes some other things. But still, these are simple, excellent songs with sometimes complex, ridiculous titles (thanks Sufjan) that everyone should … Continue reading

Mean Muggin’ Monday

Good morning lads and lassies. Following the excitement of the World Cup (and the annoying, awesome buzz of the Venezuelas [vuvuzelas or whatever]), I’ve been up on my rock sitch of late. Here are pretty much my top five artists/CDs, pretty tasty pieces that’ll make you want to lift boulders or chop wood or something. … Continue reading