Madeon & MashMaticians

Civilians, It has been awhile since I have done a nice good post. Things have been so hectic with The MashMaticians lately that 7 Day had to take a momentary backseat. But now my full attention is back and I got some awesome tracks for you guys today. Artist Spotlight We have a two fold … Continue reading

Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife

Alas Civilians, Today I Leave With These Words Of Encouragement

Level 3 NSA Clearance

Alas Civilians, please excuse my absence last week. An old friend from back in my hacking days approached me about a con involving the NSA, Goldman Sachs, and a smuggling ring of artillery and automatic weaponry getting into the county by way of Canada. We ran into some complications last Friday (trying to get a Level 3 … Continue reading

Out Of Office (But Actually)

On My G.R.I.N.D and OverWerked

Alas Civilians, it is Fritag! Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors this week. As part of my Fuck Bitches Get Money Summer Workout Plan, I have acquired a job as a Subway Sandwich Artist. So yes, I am on my grind and overworked and do not have the energy to appease the gods of … Continue reading

Vodka & Milk: The Mixer of Choice

Alas Civilians, we have survived the post July 4th recovery week. Many of you have probably been begging for this day to come and it has now arrived. I myself am currently looking over the gulf coast of Central Florida contemplating ways I can make my vacation even better. Rave night at Channelside anyone? But, … Continue reading

Indiana Jones Wears One

Alas Civilians, I am currently still recovering from an early start to the weekend. I honestly feel like I lived out The Hangover last night. I found a camera this morning loaded with pictures and as AccuWeather meteorologist Jim Kosek would say, “…Oh Boy”. I did not realize I woke up at 7pm until I … Continue reading

I Like It Dirty

Alas Civilians, its been another very long week and the only way to make the pain of the real world go away is to drown it out with some dirty club music. Im going to keep it brief this week and share a great up and coming duo out of London, Canada (my home country) … Continue reading

Round 2 In The VIP

Alas Civilians, We have reached the last day of our first week of posts. And what better way to end it then with some ZEST. It is Friday and that means we are all getting ready to rage for the weekend. You will find both hype, booty grenade droppin, fist pumpin tracks along with some … Continue reading

Earworm Strikes Again

For those of you who live under a rock and have not heard DJ Earworm’s new MEGA MASHUP. You need to tune in now. This song alone mashes 15 various American and UK artists. Here is the full tracklist: Alexandra Burke – All Night Long Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love Chipmunk feat. Esmee … Continue reading