“Blackout-Friday Night-Come Back Song”

Woops… a little late. Myyyy bad guys. The last week of summer sucked me in! So sad it’s over, but so excited for school to start back up again. I shall throw you all just some of what I’m listening to now. It ranges from the Game to (lots of) Katy Perry, to country Jerrod … Continue reading

Last Days of Summer

Summer’s winding down… enjoy it while you can! For all those Sublime/Slightly Stoopid lovers, I’m posting for you and for all the Kottonmouth Kings. They’ve been around for a while, (having appropriately released their 11th album on 4/20 of 2010), but Imma post my across-the-times favorites. They’re a rather oddly styled group of dudes, but … Continue reading

Return of the Jedis

Or is the plural Jedii? The Wookieepedia definition was unclear… Apologies for my absence last week! Hopefully this shall make up for it. I’m going to be giving you all some new songs that in my mind mark the artist’s “return” to the spotlight. And by spotlight, I mean my ipod. *click the arrow on … Continue reading

Til Next Time…

So Much White

Today, I’m dedicating my post to wicked mashes. Some fellow civilians and I have posted some already by the experts in the field, but I wanted to delve into the art a little deeper. My standard trifecta consists of The White Panda (duh), MTV’s Mashups (don’t judge–a couple are quite good) and WHITE NOISE (my … Continue reading

Overlooked? Never.

Again I write briefly and not from my home, so I apologize for the lameness of the script. I’ll hit you with a couple songs from people you know that shouldn’t be overlooked. Enjoy! . Carrie Underwood Undo It . Chamillionaire The man who once brought us Fly as the Sky and King Kong brings … Continue reading

Shuffle It Up

Dearest Civilians, I write to you from the beach where I celebrate my grandfather’s (and idol’s) 85th birfday– so my post shall be short and sweet. Just before coming, I finally purchased an ipod shuffle, which I highly recommend. The inability to choose the next song I find extremely liberating, as I’ve been forced to … Continue reading

New Always Better?

This post’s theme reflects the title– I’ll be going through a couple of videos/songs I’ve stumbled upon which are completely different from the “old.” It seems now the standard music video MUST be all to the extreme in terms of theatrics, costumes, and make up (gaga influence?). Whatever happened to the old Britney-style lead vs. … Continue reading

Music for the Weather

DC has the most bipolar weather in the U.S. of A. First, the 1800’s-record-breaking snowstorm, then another snowstorm, and now we seemed to have missed Spring entirely and gone straight to a week of 100-102 degree temperatures. My favorite part of the summer is the routine I fall into, which includes a morning run. However, … Continue reading

Quench Your Thurst

Alright ladies and gents– this week my dad asked me to wipe his *1st* generation iPod, and put new music that “IIIIII like Christina. No technological stuff, or rapping please.” Going backwards in my library of my 5,841 songs took a while, so this week has been less about finding new jams and more about … Continue reading