Pretty Fly

Whuddup, civilians! I’m back again this week stepping in for the Champ. I was trying to decide whether I wanted to get you guys hip to a three talented up and coming white rappers or I if I wanted to blog about some rappers from Pittsburgh. Since a lot of people already know about Wiz … Continue reading

Don’t Say Whale

Whuddup civilians! My name is Austin and I will be your blogger today. Cara wasn’t feeling her usual singer/songwriter jams this week so I’ve come in to get you guys hip to this new Wale mixtape, More About Nothing. A couple years back, before he really got mainstream, Wale, a DC native as I’m sure … Continue reading

A Tree Grows in Blogland

I know some of you went hella smella hard off of Saturday’s post. Wow, talk about a party blow out – epic work, Schluet.  But now it’s the Lord’s Day, meaning it’s time to rest. And I’m here to provide some soothing sounds for a day that’s hopefully full of relaxation and contemplation.  So welcome … Continue reading