School of Rock

So this past week I have been really only listening to two bands for some bizarre reason.  I do not know why but there sound at this point has just completely captured me.  Neither band is brand new to me either but I suppose it is just one of those phases.  Anyways, that is where … Continue reading

Walden Pond 2.0

Hey yall, I wrote this the night before I am supposed to depart on a family vacation that is going to consist of my family and 11 relatives (18 people total) in a cabin somewhere in the remote woods of Western North Carolina.  Basically this could be my last post ever because I may never … Continue reading

Something A Bit Different

Alright so I hope everyone is doing well on this glorious day of July 20.  This week I am going to do something a lot different with my post in terms of music, this is the week when I finally stray away (sorta) from my folk, country, and indie music.  I am going to throw … Continue reading

Good Winter

First off, I would like to apologize on the tardiness of this post, however I did have to work from 9 oclock this morning until just now so I hope yall do forgive me.  Let me begin by saying that this week I am going to deviate from what I have been doing lately in … Continue reading

Back in the Day

I hope that everyone is doing well and recovering from July 4th weekend.  I am doing fine but my computer was not so lucky, it was felled by a 4 year old cousin and his apple juice.  For now my laptop is not in the condition to perform certain functions, such as powering up and … Continue reading

Carolina Skies

So last night I was about to begin on my post around 11:00.  I figured that this would give me enough time to write some potentially clever things and give people more good music.  However my brilliant MacBook Pro decided that this was a perfect time to actually stop connecting to the internet all over … Continue reading

The British Isles

Howdy yall, so this weekend King Max of Gallin and I will be switching days on account of him being on a golfing retreat with his parents.  Anyways that does not matter in the long run, the only thing that matters is that this week I am going to be sharing music from artists that … Continue reading

Up the Mountain

Good day civilianites, I hope that this post finds you enjoying the summer, world cup, work, relaxing, or whatever else you find yourself doing.  For today’s post I will be following in the footsteps of one King Maxwell in sharing with yall some artists that I have been listening to a lot lately (mainly because … Continue reading