What is 7 Day Music?

7 Day Music Civilian is 7 kids blogging 7 days a week with 7 different tastes in music and  7 overload. One day Lester AKA DJZesty had the brilliant idea for us to start a blog with everyone posting a different day of the week, and we all thought “Lester, what a brilliant idea.” And in 7 Days, 7 Day Music Civilian was created. You can read about each of us above but in general, we are all music-loving, fun-loving people whose mama’s taught us to share so we’re sharing our musical finds with you. If there’s something you want us to post or look into, share with us too! And don’t forget to become a Civilian and sign up for updates. The great thing about 7DMC is that you’ll always be able to find something you like or take a chance with something you don’t know. Some things we post will be brand new, and some will be tried and true, but it’s all for your enjoyment.

Beats and Love,

Alexis, Cara, Christina, Lester, Mark, Marissa, & Max

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