Drive It Like It’s NBD

Everyone loves a club banger, but sometimes you need something that doesn’t try so hard. Sometimes you need a song with a little more groove to ease you out of those last summer days and have you rollin’ on to campus like your life is a party and the party doesn’t stop with the car. Henceforth, here are a few songs that (to me) embody not a feeling of theft, but of original ownership of cool.

Peter Bjorn & John

This song is from Writer’s Block (2006). I’ve listened to and really liked a few more songs from that album. I suggest it if you, like me, heard and liked Young Folks but didn’t really go any further.


Glass Candy

Glass Candy mostly makes disco music, which is not my flavor of the week, but this song samples its bangin’ hook from the song My Mind Playing Tricks On Me by the original auteurs Geto Boys, who you may know from Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta. This song makes me want to skate around a roller rink in booty shorts and big hair.

Geto Boys

Tom Tom Club

Classic (1981). Also anyone who like Tom Tom Club, Talking Heads, David Byrne, music, or big suits should see the concert film Stop Making Sense.

Genius of Love

Yo La Tengo

I won’t pretend to know anything forreal about Yo La Tengo — because they’re legit and have been around for a long while and I only have this one song by them — BUT I love this one song. Girl Talk used it in one of his songs on Feed the Animals and I’ve had it ever since.

Autumn Sweater


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