“Blackout-Friday Night-Come Back Song”

Woops… a little late. Myyyy bad guys. The last week of summer sucked me in! So sad it’s over, but so excited for school to start back up again.
I shall throw you all just some of what I’m listening to now. It ranges from the Game to (lots of) Katy Perry, to country Jerrod Neimann, to Darius Rucker of Hootie & the BF.


I’m not a huge fan of the Game, but I’ve had some time to listen to their newest mixtape Brake Lights, and would like to share a couple. Ironically, one song isn’t even by the Game… it’s a “Bonus Track” by Menace. As for Miranda Cosgrove… don’t judge. I enjoy this one as I bask in the last school-work-free rays of sun. In other news, Katy Perry is crushing ishh. Who knew? I honestly thought she’d be that chick that sang the song about kissing another girl. This is my first Jerrod Neimann song– a little slower than my usual preference, but really do enjoy listening to it. Darius just impresses me more and more as a solo artist the more I hear from him. This new single does not disappoint.


One Response to ““Blackout-Friday Night-Come Back Song””
  1. jurbanik says:

    Oh man, props for this post – good to see someone be honest about what they’ve been listening to. I recently caught myself singing a simple plan song that I haven’t listened to in years and went on a simple plan binge… shh.

    Also… it has just dawned on me that we are now older than all the Disney stars. Miranda Cosgrove is that girl from Drake&Josh, right? I would have never guessed that was her voice – she always sounded like a brat, now she just sounds like any other lipstick covered Disney breakout.

    Finally… whats up with changing the color of the soundcloud player? You repped Princeton orange in the text, I’m ashamed you didn’t with the player. I can’t wait to be back.

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