Lights, Camera, Salvation

Haha sometimes you can find the best songs from somewhere you really wouldn’t expect, or at least not like to admit that you’d expect them to come from there. Case in point: Gossip Girl. They actually have really good music all the time. So as I was doing a little *cough* marathoning of GG  and encountered the song Salvation by Scanners. Ellie Goulding, who turns out to be a familiar voice, I found while watching a fan-made “where are they now” video for America’s Next Top Model. Yeah. I watch the smartest shows.

Ellie Goulding

Lights (off of her March debut album) is a really catchy song, and when I heard her voice I thought I had heard it before. Partly because she sounds like La Roux or Lykke Li, but alsooo because her song Under the Sheets was used by Chiddy Bang for their Air Swell mixtape. She’s already received a few awards over in her native land of the UK.


Under The Sheets


I think this song is really good for a Personal Soundtrack playlist. Like the kind of song you listen to when you’re in a certain mood and you just need to listen to a song that makes you take yourself really really seriously. “I’ll take you to my grave”? Perfect for feeling vindictive. It has some good woooooahhh wooooahhh wooahhhs, too.



Not just music, but also a really sweet (both ways) video made by a group called Everynone that makes videos that go with different public radio broadcasts. Ahhh so universal and multi-cultural and life-affirming.. just makes you feel good.


This has gotten really popular in the last two weeks or so; I am just spreading more of the love. Justin Bieber’s U Smile slowed down 800%. It’s pretty amazing what time can do… it becomes so epic!

One Response to “Lights, Camera, Salvation”
  1. jurbanik says:

    As far as Ellie Goulding goes, you’ve probably also heard ‘Starry Eyed’ just about everywhere. My personal favorite is the Jakwob dub remix:

    I made the whole paulstretch/ slowitup thing into a game: some other tracks are slowed down, might want to check it out. But my favorite at this point is slowed down imogen heap: fucking haunting.

    On another note, we must be surfing some of the same blogs, because I posted the everynone video on facebook a while back. So clever – the visual wordplay is second to none.

    But thanks for the rec on scanners… I guess I have to be a little less harsh on GG.

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