Pretty Fly

Whuddup, civilians! I’m back again this week stepping in for the Champ. I was trying to decide whether I wanted to get you guys hip to a three talented up and coming white rappers or I if I wanted to blog about some rappers from Pittsburgh. Since a lot of people already know about Wiz Khalifa of the Taylor Gang, I figured you guys would want to hear some tracks by some rappers you may never have heard from. What I particularly like about these guys is that they rap about what they know. They don’t run the block, work 9-5’s, or run with gangs so they don’t rap about that stuff. They rap about what they know which most of the time is partying and getting the bait (which is macking on chicks for those who don’t know). So we’ll get right into it with someone you probably have already heard of…

Sam Adams is probably the most famous of the trio. He hails from Wayland, Massachusetts, about 20 miles from Boston. He attends Trinity College and plays on their soccer team of which he is the captain. His debut album Boston’s Boy has a lot of upbeat beats and a few catchy punch lines. I personally have not purchased the album but I do have his mixtape Boston’s Opening Day which samples some mainstream hip hop/pop beats like Goin’ In by Drizzy Drake and Make her Say by the Cudder. Here are a few tracks from Sammy Adams.

I Hate College (Remix)

Brand New

Opening Day

Next we have Chris Webby out of the suburbs of Fairfield County, Connecticut. This guy has been flying under the radar since about 2008. I actually discovered him last week on and downloaded two of his mixtapes, The Under Classman and Optimus Rhyme. A majority of his beats (I think all of them) are beats from hip Hop and rock-pop songs. He is actually in a beef with Sam Adams at the moment, which cannot be bad publicity for this guy. He’s working hard and definitely on his grind. Hopefully soon his hard work will literally pay off. Look for his album in the months to come. Here are 3 tracks by Chris.

Best in the Burbs

Finally Moving

Raising the Bar

Last but certainly not least, the youngest, and in my opinion the best, Mac Miller. This teenager out of Pittsburgh just goes. I think he’ll be the most famous in the long run just because he raps about what kids want to hear about nowadays – weed, women, and parties. He’s got all the talent and his punch lines are simply great and the beats he has make you want to party. His third mixtape K.I.D.S. (Kickin’ Incredibly Dope Shit) dropped on Friday and I have been bumping it in my sister’s ride. That mixtape is a must have for the summer and you can download it at here and here Watch out for Mac because I promise you that he will blow up.

Traffic In the Sky

Don’t Mind if I Do

Good Evening

And here’s a little bonus for y’all. Here is a collab between Chris Webby and Mac Miller sampling I Need a Dollar by Aloe Blacc, the theme song to How to Make It in America. This is a great show going into its second season hopefully in the upcoming Fall.

I Need a Dollar

Thanks for having me again, civilians. I hope you guys enjoyed these rhymes from a whiter source. And now I’m outta here, y’all. Remember to stay frosty – just because its summer, it’s never too hot to stay cool.

Peace. OneLove.


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