Return of the Jedis

Or is the plural Jedii? The Wookieepedia definition was unclear… Apologies for my absence last week! Hopefully this shall make up for it. I’m going to be giving you all some new songs that in my mind mark the artist’s “return” to the spotlight. And by spotlight, I mean my ipod.

*click the arrow on the right to download!*


Kanye West – Power

The old, pre-Taylor-bashing Kanye is back in action. I’ve been sitting on this song for  almost 2 months now, not really giving it a solid listen-through. I’ve ruled in favor of the new song, because it reminds me of the Jesus Walks, never-ending cockiness, power hungry, Rolling Stone cover where he posed as Jesus (come on now) Kanye. Love it.


Lee Brice – Love Like Crazy

The verrverr cute country singer from South Carolina releases this song for the second time–I had a couple of his singles, but this song on his first full album (released 2 months ago) shows great promise if you ask me. And I rarely say this… but the lyrics are great 🙂


Chris Brown – Make Love

Imma be honest with you all. I freely admit that I listened to this song on repeat until I knew all the words, and therefore could sing along and not embarrass myself. When slow Chris Brown is good, it’s good.


Something Corporate – I Woke Up in a Car

A “new” song for me from the same album that brought us Drunk Girl and Cavanaugh Park– where did they go you might ask? Jack’s Mannequin! AND to DC! Something Corporate is doing a reunion tour this year (“A Night With Something Corporate”) of their greatest hits. Highly recommend seeing if possible.



T-Pain – Kiss Her

He. Cracks. Me. Up. What the heck is the first part of the song? Seriously. But T-Pain would go up to girls, get close to their faces, and then scream I WANT TO SEE YOU KISS YOUR FRIEND! KISS HER LIKE YOU MEAN IT! Only for T-Pain. This song’s got a good beat, and I enjoy the childhood taunt incorporated–tis a first. He’s back at his Buy U a Drank and Bartender prime.


Jesse McCartney – Up

…Where did he go? Better question–how did he end up on the Step Up 3D soundtrack? Is that a joke? Nope. and believe it or not, his song isn’t too horrible. He’s pulled a long ways away from his Leavin’ and Beautiful Soul days. Basically a different artist completely… verdict is still out how I feel about the new him.

Just a lil FYE– this clip was on REPEAT last night on the news. My friends and I were enjoying it probably a little too much… people are doing crazy stuff these days. That flight attendant is my new hero. ❤ .


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