Greetings, civilians. Today’s post is dedicated to the one and only Tucker Johns, also known by many as the pop culture guru. Move over, Perez.

Tucker, one of my best friends (and whom I’ve been in a complicated Facebook relationship for years), recently turned me on to one of his UK obsessions – Alexandra Burke – and thought that she would be a great and also necessary addition to the 7DMC lineup. I, not wanting to fall victim to the wrath of TJ, dutifully obliged. Luckily for me, this post is not a chore but actually fun to write because I ended up really liking Alexandra’s music.

Alexandra Burke, from London, was the season 5 winner (2008) of the UK singing talent show X-Factor. It’s basically the British version of American Idol except like 239048203 times better. Tucker, of course, watched the entire season on YouTube and showed me a few episodes, so I know this for a fact. The talent is just a lot better over there, and except for Carrie Underwood, Burke is so much better than any American Idol winner thus far. And the crazy thing is that when she previously auditioned for the show in 2005, she didn’t even make it to the live competition. And now she’s nominated for two BRIT awards and has an album, Overcome (not yet released in the U.S.) that entered the charts at number one. Baller.

Now for the music. I have to start off with Burke’s debut single, a cover of Hallelujah. It’s really good, right up there with the Jeff Buckley and Kate Voegle versions. With Hallelujah, Burke became the European record holder for single sales over 24 hours (selling 105,000 copies in a day), and had the top selling song of the year on BBC radio. The song also made her the first British female soloist to sell 1 million copies of a single in the U.K. Pretty nice digs for a new artist. Vocals are phenom in my opinion, but judge for yourself. Here’s the music video:

Overcome is a traditional pop album, complete with both up-tempo dance tracks and slow ballads. I being the sentimental type am a bigger fan of the slower, more contemplative tracks for the often better vocal and lyrical quality. Here are the best from the album, in order of my personal fave:

They Don’t Know

The Silence

Gotta Go

But Burke is also good when it comes to the real pop tracks. Here are two great dance jams (“Bad Boys” debuted at number-one in the UK, becoming her second consecutive number-one single):

All Night Long

Bad Boys feat. Flo Rida

Lastly, here are two of Burke’s live performances from X-Factor: “Listen” – which she sings with Beyoncé! – and the Jackson Five’s hit “I’ll Be There.”

I hope she does well in the U.S.! – Cara

One Response to “X-Factor”
  1. Tucker says:

    Ahhhh!!! This is everything I could ever hope for and more. Alexandra is life.

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