Music for the Weather

DC has the most bipolar weather in the U.S. of A.

First, the 1800’s-record-breaking snowstorm, then another snowstorm, and now we seemed to have missed Spring entirely and gone straight to a week of 100-102 degree temperatures.
My favorite part of the summer is the routine I fall into, which includes a morning run. However, stoopid weather means I could not run. Yes, I’m a wuss with the heat, but it was indeed pretty bad.
It has finally cooled down, and I’ve been able to enjoy the run–therefore, I shall share the current top songs on my playlist. and NEXT WEEK I’ll post my slower jams I regret do not fit in here.
[if you haven’t noticed my trend of playlist-posts, it’s because I lost my ipod and have been thrown back into the stone age of CDs and chunky CD players]



1) Club Can’t Handle Me (Feat. David Guetta) // Flo Rida

This one isn’t supposed to be released for another 10 days, but via the glorious internet I have snagged it early. Everything David Guetta touches recently has turned to gold, and he has not disappointed me here.


2) Misery // Maroon 5

Here is Maroon 5’s leaked single off their new album Hands All Over — set to come out Aug 21. I own a hard-copy-ghetto-stoneage-CD of all their past albums, and plan on buying this one the day it’s released.


3) She Can Get It // B.o.B

A newer leak from B.o.B aka Bobby Ray (Sweet Home Alabama anyone?), second only to his song Magic in my book. He’s gon get real big real fast


4) Moon Girl // Inna

This chicka from Romania just released her first songs last year, and mainly does the more hardcore electro-pop style club music. This one’s a little less of that, and a little more accessible.


5) Wonderwall (Conor Cutz & DJ Black Remix) // Oasis


6) Commander // Kelly Rowland

David Guetta (again) helped produce this song, and apparently likes to use the instrumental of this often when he’s performing live. Kelly Rowland is also featured in his song “When Love Takes Over,” and I feel this is not the last we’ve seen of her.


7) Do It Again // Deuce Poppi

This song… is about as slow as I’ll go. It’s kindofoneof those songs that you smile because you know no one else could possibly guess what you’re listening to. (and by you of course I mean me)


8.) Bounce With Me (feat. Wale) // Lil Wayne –Mixed by DJ Pyro

Wale + Lil Wayne combo = awesome. Wale [reppin the Northwest DC] is the man. and he also brings Lil Wayne’s tempo up which is ideal if you ask me. I also just love Wale because he apparently has a tattoo of my Redskins crush Chris Cooley. One time, he hugged me. It was awesome. Unfortunately, I was also hugged by his very sexy, former-Redskinette (she
had to quit when news of their love affair broke) and now wife (who posed naked for Maxim with just…what? a football. she’s also sitting on her husbands jersey?). damn her.


9) Pearly Gates // Pitbull feat. Cascada

Here begins my Cascada… her beats are always a workout go-to. Fergie also makes a brief performance in here as well.


10) We’re Done // Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is also awesome, because he has the National’s logo tattooed on his hand *see above*. If only Strasburg could step it back up a bit…


11-12) What Hurts The Most // Cascada

Here are two songs that I rediscovered– a great Rascal Flatts retake and another one that somehow missed the charts.

Ready for Love // Cascada


13) Living On Mercy (Gauffie MashUp) // Duffy vs. Tras-X

Two oldies mashed into greatness.




Oldie of the Week

Forgot the first time around… but here are the Eagles at their best. My dad has been playing the Eagles Live to me ever since I can remember… therefore they are my all-time favorite band. This is my #2 song– #1 shall come later.

Life in the Fast Lane // The Eagles

Til next time!

6 Responses to “Music for the Weather”
  1. Austin Hampton says:

    Northeast DC actually.

  2. christinaxclark says:

    mmm you sure? I’m like 99% sure it’s northwest… my friend grew up next to him on peabody st til he moved to Maryland

  3. King Maxwell says:

    Who mashed the Wale / Weezy song? I know the Weezy verse is from Dope Game, but what’s the Wale song?

  4. christinaxclark says:

    DJ Pyro! Sorry I forgot to put that in.

  5. Austin Hampton says:

    yeah yeah yeah. you’re right. i’m retarded hahaha

  6. Austin Hampton says:

    it’s actually a shame i didn’t know/believe that because i’m from NW and wale’s my hero

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