Front Seat, Windows Down

I’ve done a lot of soul searching as to what I should write my first blog on, and decided today I’m going to give you all the skinny of my “I Feel Cool While Driving” Playlist: Stories Included. I don’t know about yoos guys, but I find driving therapeutic-specifically because it’s the only place where you can put your shades on, roll down all the windows, get tanned via the sunroof, and blast music as loud as you want while still being normal. These jams are a little of everything, so everyone should find something they like.
I’m going to close with a completely different youtube video that I’ve had several people tell me after I show them, “it just makes me… happy.” It’s very simple: two people, two instruments (and a drum), and two pop(ish, not really) songs. It’s further proof to me that it doesn’t matter what someone plays or on what instrument or how difficult the music is, but HOW they play something that instills the chills.



1) Memories to Blow // Jay Velar

Awesome mash to kick things off.

2) Swamp //   Talking Heads

Here’s one of my 80’s jams featured in Risky Business (the title of which comes from this song). Talking Heads tunes are still alive and well in the frats down south so I’m told, and for a good reason. Their greatest hits never get old.
My Story: I was in stand-still traffic in DC, had all my windows down and was blasting this song. I turn to my left and this old man in a very nice car and high-end suit started motioning to turn the volume knob. I turned off the stereo to apologize, and he yelled “No! no! Turn it up!!!” Long Live the Old Men Frat.

3) Ni Rosas Ni Juguetes (Juan Magan Remix) //   Paulina Rubio

Totally worth listening to all the way through, despite a language barrier.
This upbeat jam was also blasting from my car, and a man selling flowers started singing and dancing to it in the middle of K street–definitely a clubber. It was an awesome bonding moment.

4) Robbery //  Da Nappy Headz

SoOo for whatever reason I know all the words to this “oldie.” I was at a red light with my neighbor in the passenger seat, and I was “singing” and “dancing” (just hand motions really with the car limitations) to the opening. He bursts out laughing and points to my left where I see 5 sexy men staring at me with mouths wide open. I guess it was one of my more attractive moments.

5) Rock to the Beat //   Darius & Finlay feat. Nicco

This one is a current favorite of mine–really upbeat and very summery.

6) Ignition (Keep It Remixing Louder) (R. Kelly vs Major Lazer) //   The Hood Internet

Yet another sick mash up by the one and the only, The Hood Internet. It’s a great take on the child-lovin R Kelly’s top hit from ’03.

7) Sky //   Joshua Radin feat. Ingrid Michaelson

Slowing it down a bit here, this duet features two melodious singers that are very distinctive, very chill, and can easily be put on repeat all day long. Both Joshua Radin and Ingrid Michaelson are often in TV series soundtracks; including Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Scrubs, and more.

8) Over (Amtrak Remix) //   Drake

A new take on Drake… that seems to be the popular thing to make these days.

9) Endless Conversation //   The Alternate Routes

This band has a special place in my heart- they will definitely be featured in a later blog, but for now here’s a little sample. My sister and I met The Alternate Routes when there were 10 people in the audience and watched them as their crowd grew to thousands, they performed on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, their songs were played on The Hills and Real World, and their song became downloadable for TapTap Revenge (you ipod touchers definitely know what I’m talking about).

10) Best Days //   Matt White

Another chill but lovely song from Matt White–it just sounds like your hair blowing in the wind. This is completely dedicated to a dear Brazilian friend that made me put this song as my alarm every morning.

11) Drake & Diane (Drake vs John Mellencamp) //   The White Panda

The White Panda always finds ways to resurface classics… and again with the Drake.

12) Feel Me Now //   E-603

E-603 (aka Ethan from the New Hampshire area code 603) is kindof a goof… I don’t like all of his mashes (just personal preference) but this one I really enjoy. Get past the notsofamilyfriendly beginning, and the Omarion/Coldplay mash is genius.

13) Stereo love //   Edward Maya feat. Vika Jigulina

Everyone always seems to be looking for “this song!” so here it is.

14) Keep Up //   Hyper Crush

This is a newer jam from Hyper Crush; a really fun Cali group that sports as much neon as possible. Nevertheless, original and lovable. Check out their blog here! They also have the most incredible music videos I’ve ever seen, but mostly because of the neon and the outfits.

15) Kiss A Girl //   Keith Urban

Standard. I once read a music critic’s review of Keith Urban–he said that the Australian’s albums don’t even begin to show off how incredibly musically talented he is. Whether that’s a pop-culture limitation or a release of inhibitions when playing live, his jams are good on album and evidently phenom in person.

16) Unbelievable //   Kobojsarna

SO FUN! that is all.

17) Cooler Than Me (Skeet Skeet Remix) //   Mike Posner

I can’t even listen to the original one… sike I actually didn’t know it existed. I’ve only had this remix…

18) Animal //   Neon Trees

Neon Trees are just breaking out, and definitely only going up from here. Apparently they’re also known as “the happiest band in the world,” whatever that means. They also have very interesting haircuts.

19) Déjà Vu //   3OH!3

Reppin the Colorado 303, 3OH!3 has redone a bunch of their past songs (to incorporate Katy Perry and whatever), but their new stuff is more user-friendly with its techno add-ins. I liked them before, but I like them better now.

20) Sleepyhead (Neo Tokyo Remix) //   Passion Pit

Passion Pit by far gave me the best concert experience of my life to date. If you ever have a change to go, do anything for that ticket.

21) In the Meantime //   Tim Blane

This singer/songwriter you’ve probably already heard, and perhaps not known it. Tim Blane was the face of Apple’s Garageband a few years back, and he’s great if you’re in a kick-back mood.

22) With a Spirit //   009 Sound System

This is a unnecessarily long song, but it’s only sometimes noticable when I listen to it on the highway.

23) Cave In //  Owl City

A solid track from Owl City–their most popular song never really struck my fancy, but the rest of the CD is very solid and very much their own style, whether it’s slow or upbeat.



Introducing Jon Schmidt to 7DMC: Get happy.

(and try to ignore the “singing”)

Love Story Meets Viva la Vida

3 Responses to “Front Seat, Windows Down”
  1. sleepyhead says:

    best post yet! awesome playlist and such cute stories! can’t wait for next thursday!

  2. GlenCoco says:

    YESSS! i love them all, and i know i know where you got most of them 😉

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